Beer Institute members to label products with nutrition information

Beer Institute members to label products with nutrition information

By Matt Sabas   

Five things to keep in mind this week:

  1. You can now drink beer brewed by artificial intelligence, reported to Forbes. The company marketing the product, IntelligentX, utilizes an “algorithm hidden behind a Facebook Messenger bot and passes along customer feedback to human brewers who change the recipes from there. There are also codes printed on the bottles allowing people to find the bot. The bot then asks customers several questions including ones about flavour; customers can rank their answers out of ten, yes or no and multiple choice.”
  2. The Beer Institute, an industry trade group, announced Tuesday that its members will begin labeling its products with nutrition information, and consumers will be able to see ingredients, calories, carbohydrates and alcohol content on packaging. Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, HeinekenUS and other companies will begin complying with the voluntary regulation by 2020.
  3. Congress passed a GMO labeling law this week. The legislation passed with bipartisan support, but NPR reported “nobody’s super happy about it.”
  4. Confusion over the GMO labeling law prompted prominent media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Atlantic and National Review to run features dispelling myths surrounding genetically engineered products.
  5. A letter signed by more than 100 Nobel laureates condemning anti-GMO organizations such as Greenpeace continues to gather coverage throughout emerging markets and the developing world. Manu Joseph published a column in the Hindustan Times on the topic Thursday, writing ”For years activists have scared most of us into believing that such procedures are dangerous. For years, thousands of reputed scientists have claimed that such fears either have no basis in science or are wild exaggerations, and that man has been genetically modifying plants for centuries. In fact, nothing we eat is wild, which is the activist definition of “natural.” Everything we and the activists eat has been genetically modified by farmers. When genetic modification is done by scientists in a lab it does not create poison. Laboratory plant genetics, the Nobel laureates have said in their letter, is as safe as or safer than conventional methods of food production.”
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