Monday, July 13, 2020
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    Ellen Ratner
    Ellen Ratner is the Founder of Talk Media News. Ms. Ratner also served as the political editor and Washington bureau chief for Talkers Magazine, the “bible” of the talk industry. In her capacity as political editor, she developed the concept of combining radio rows with immediate Internet access. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Ms. Ratner graduated from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. She earned a Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University and has written several books.

    Was Sanders derailed by journalistic malpractice?

    Sanders is running where Eugene McCarthy left off.

    The Golden State may provide some much needed insight.

    Experts say the Iraqi army and Shia militias should enter the city slowly and carefully to avoid civilian casualties

    While the U.S. is distracted by an election, champions of lesser-known causes should get their day in the sun as well.

    Will Ecuador's socialist leaders privatize industries to fund an expensive recovery?

    Even as the weather phenomena tapers off, its already set the stage for a second successive weak harvest.

    Goats provide surprising benefits.

    Both campaigns are bringing out the knives. It is a shame and does not edify our election process.

    The current hunger and fleeing to the North has little to do with the government of South Sudan.