Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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    Ellen Ratner
    Ellen Ratner is the Founder of Talk Media News. Ms. Ratner also served as the political editor and Washington bureau chief for Talkers Magazine, the “bible” of the talk industry. In her capacity as political editor, she developed the concept of combining radio rows with immediate Internet access. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Ms. Ratner graduated from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. She earned a Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University and has written several books.

    40 Americans a day die from prescription overdose, a crisis the administration seeks to address.

    Talk Media News' Ellen Ratner spoke with Dr. Melissa Wong about new developments in teaching fetal heart rate tracings -- called the palm method of teaching.

    Talk Media News' Ellen Ratner spoke with Dr. Christina Saad about her work as an OB/GYN and developments in minimally invasive hysterectomy procedures.

    Lead government negotiator accuses his opposition counterpart of ties to terrorism.

    “He’s filling the void that everybody’s tired of,” Richardson said.

    “He’s filling the void that everybody’s tired of,” Richardson said.

    Simulation-based training improves self-confidence and also improves test scores. It allows the student to make mistakes.

    One of the main goals of the initiative is to have people donate their health data and their genomes for analysis.

    "My hope is that this becomes the foundation, the architecture, whereby 10 years from now we can look back and say we've revolutionized medicine," Obama said to a panel attending the White House summit on the matter.

    Many of the drop-outs are not mentored or don’t have a champion adult or mentor in their life, but some need that push to unlock their creativity.