Thursday, January 23, 2020
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    Ellen Ratner


    Ellen Ratner
    Ellen Ratner is the Founder of Talk Media News. Ms. Ratner also served as the political editor and Washington bureau chief for Talkers Magazine, the “bible” of the talk industry. In her capacity as political editor, she developed the concept of combining radio rows with immediate Internet access. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Ms. Ratner graduated from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. She earned a Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University and has written several books.

    We need leadership on this issue.

    Maybe one day we will allow these “detention” centers to be open to the public so people can really see what happened in 2018.

    “American Son” brings up the current issues we are facing as a country and as a society.

    We need to take the reports seriously.

    What we are learning is we have little or no respect for the will of people who are indigenous; and the more things change in the U.S., the more they remain the same.

    There are very few things that shock me in and around Washington. However, President Trump managed to do so – and get my attention.

    It really would have been better to make two documentaries: one on the presidential race of 2016 and the subsequent election of President Donald Trump; and another on the racism and lying that took place in Flint, Michigan.

    The Nobel committee hit it out of the park this year … even if they didn’t quite even make it into the park in other years.

    His chief job is the person who appears before the media. He knows the media well, and – unlike some people in the White House – he has a good relationship with much of the them.

    A few stories made it to the news this week from the world of medicine.