Thursday, January 17, 2019
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    Justin Duckham

    Justin Duckham
    Justin Duckham is a Washington, D.C. based political reporter who has covered Congress, the Pentagon, the White House and presidential campaigns. Justin makes frequent appearances on, where he has provided weekly media analysis for five years. In addition, he is heard on both local and nationally-syndicated radio programs. Previously, he was a music journalist, a topic in which he retains a keen interest. Mr. Duckham was a member UC Merced's founding class, where he studied history, philosophy and American studies.

    “The president has been clear about what his feelings are,” Sanders told reporters outside the West Wing Wednesday.

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump provided a fast-food feast for college football champions the Clemson Tigers on Monday night, but has offered a shifting account...

    “I'm not going to do it so fast,” Trump said in remarks from the White House cabinet room, according to early pool reports. “What we're not looking to do right now is [declare a] national emergency.”

    “This is a humanitarian crisis,” Trump said in televised remarks from the Oval Office. “A crisis of heart and a crisis of soul.”

    WASHINGTON — As 2017 closed, Trump’s attorneys were reportedly telling the president that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was expected to wrap up by...

    In a tweet, Trump wished the former official luck.

    In his first interview since he was sentenced to three years in prison, Cohen told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos said Trump simply “doesn't tell the truth.”

    This is the White House that tapped Omarosa Manigault for a West Wing position ...

    Trump also invoked the “advice of counsel” defense, which would imply that the then-candidate relied on the advice of his attorney and did not intentionally break any laws.

    Trump said Kelly's replacement will be named within days. The president also named the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.