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Code Pink member Paki Wieland said she expected the president to act presidential. “It was this barrage of anger and everything but diplomacy,” Weiland said of Trump's U.N. speech.

By Paige McGlauflin WASHINGTON – With marches through New York and full-page ads placed in major newspapers, the demand for international recognition of Taiwan surfaces every...

A 2015 law allows state-contracted adoption agencies with religious beliefs to deny adoptions and foster-care placements to same-sex couples.

By Andres Del Aguila WASHINGTON – Two congressional committees issued a letter to Equifax requesting information on the reportedly “largest and most intrusive” data breach in...

By Christian Vasquez WASHINGTON – As Immigration and Customs Enforcement ramps up the amount of expected deportations, some are worried that the agency is not transparent...

The Attorney General's new "assault" on the opioid crisis leans heavily on law enforcement to try and end the drug trade.

One in three Americans reported using prescription opioids in 2015, a major increase since the late 1990's.

By Angela Shen WASHINGTON – On the eve of the United Nations’ World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, which falls on Sunday, the battle against human trafficking...

Before rushing to the bar, the study's authors caution that high alcohol consumption contributes to dozens of other serious medical conditions.

Cross section tissue samples from patients with four stages of CTE show the accumulation of ptau proteins, or aggregates of tangled neurofibrals, as seen in red. Courtesy: JAMA
A shocking 99 percent of autopsied former NFL players showed signs of a severe brain condition known as CTE, with high rates among non-professional players too.