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Before rushing to the bar, the study's authors caution that high alcohol consumption contributes to dozens of other serious medical conditions.

Cross section tissue samples from patients with four stages of CTE show the accumulation of ptau proteins, or aggregates of tangled neurofibrals, as seen in red. Courtesy: JAMA
A shocking 99 percent of autopsied former NFL players showed signs of a severe brain condition known as CTE, with high rates among non-professional players too.

Two of the students were reportedly spotted crossing the border into Canada, Metropolitan Police said. A search for all six missing teens is ongoing, but police said they have no indication of foul play.

By Angela Shen WASHINGTON – The pressure of going home while working through August recess should be so great that senators will have to compromise on the...

Following a protracted legal battle, Chris Gard and Connie Yates suspend efforts to send their son to the US for experimental treatment.

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus. July 19, 2017. Credit: Selda Ishkin/TMN
Health leaders praise accelerating global rollout of smoking control measures, but warn that tobacco industry pushback continues to slow progress.

From September to November last year, 97 mail carriers took leave without pay for periods between four to 50 days, according to the OSC report. This resulted in other employees using a combined $90,000 in overtime pay.

By Christian Vasquez WASHINGTON – Conservative organizations are calling on Congress to continue working on repealing the Affordable Health Care Act – or be prepared to face...

Gingrich, the third wife of Newt Gingrich – whose affair with his future spouse contributed to his political downfall – testified at a Senate confirmation hearing for her nomination to ambassador to the Vatican

The increased visa allocation coincides with President Donald Trump’s “Made in America” Week, which seeks to promote American workers and products.