Wednesday, August 22, 2018
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    “Where is the collusion? You know, they’re still looking for collusion. Where is the collusion? Find some collusion. We want to find the collusion,” Trump teased.

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump addressed Paul Manafort's conviction shortly after landing in West Virginia Tuesday evening, telling reporters that he feels "very sad" about it,...

    WASHINGTON — Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former longtime personal attorney, pleaded guilty to eight counts Tuesday — including two that directly relate to Trump's presidential campaign. Appearing in federal...

    Cohen is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday at 4pm.

    “John and his rhetoric has become an issue in and of itself,” Clapper said during an appearance on CNN.

    Tibbettsm 20, vanished after going for a jog in Brooklyn, Iowa, on July 18. Last week Tibbetts’ family and boyfriend met with Vice President Mike Pence when he was campaigning in Iowa.

    He disclosed his past to the DoJ in 2001 and was subsequently stripped of his U.S. citizenship in 2003 and ordered to be deported a year later.

    WASHINGTON — First Lady Melania Trump lead an anti-cyberbullying event Monday, raising eyebrows since the message stood in stark contrast with her husband’s online activity. However,...

    “I don’t know McRaven,” Trump said while talking to reporters on the White House South Lawn.

    “When you look at what’s going on there, I think it’s a very sad day for our country,” Trump told reporters while leaving the White House South Lawn.