Friday, April 26, 2019
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    Sol Pais, 18, of Surfside, Fla., arrived in Denver on Monday then purchased a shotgun and ammunition., the FBI said. As a precaution, officials closed 20 public school districts in and around the Mile High City. Saturday is the 20th anniversary of the Columbine school mass shooting.

    Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has the biggest war chest of the challengers — ending March with $28 million.

    Witnesses said the officers and Secret Service agents tackled the man to the ground.

    Prosecutors said he used one client's $2.75 million settlement to buy a portion of a $5 million private jet, which the government seized on Wednesday.

    After the images and description of the suspect were shown in the media, a probation officer who was supervising Philip Campanirio for his 2006 bank robbery convictions recognized him and contacted authorities.

    Trump said that the annual dinner is too negative and that instead he will hold a rally.

    “The crisis at our border is worsening, and DHS will do everything in its power to end it,” Nielsen said in a statement.

    Mueller is involved in the review, Barr said.

    Friday’s tweets are not the first time that Trump has raised the prospect of closing the border.

    “The Special Olympics will be funded,” Trump told reporters as he left the White House en-route to Grand Rapids, Michigan. “I have overriden my people. We're funding the Special Olympics.”