World in 2:00

World in 2:00

Chinese troops deploy to the country's first overseas military base, Rex Tillerson tries shuttle diplomacy to ease the Qatar crisis, and a near miss at SFO.

President Trump's scheduled visit to the UK is postponed until 2018, and a South Korean lawmaker says North Korea's missile test was less than it appeared.

The Trump administration commits $639 million to address famine in four countries, and Ukraine seeks to speed up the NATO membership process.

The E.U. and Japan stole the headlines at the G20 summit on Thursday, showing off a brand new free trade deal that sizes up with NAFTA is scope and scale.

Nikki Haley threatened North Korea with military force on Wednesday, but experts believe such a strategy is no more attractive now than it's ever been.

France follows Italy's lead in mandating vaccines for children, and the EU and Japan demonstrate that major free trade deals are still possible.

African countries pledge to deploy 5,000 troops to battle jihadis in Mali, and Al-Jazeera pushes back against demands to shutter the global news network.

Nikki Haley claims victory as the U.N. slashes its peacekeeping budget, Trump tightens the screws on China and Germany moves to legalize same-sex marriage.

A NATO report shows weaker-than-expected increases in alliance defense spending. Could member nations make it up to Trump by sending troops to Afghanistan?

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister says the country's demands to Qatar are "non negotiable," and the U.N. rescues hundreds of migrants crossing the Sahara.