World in 2

World in 2

WASHINGTON -- Norma McCorvey -- a desperate, 22-year-old addict when she decided to have an abortion in Texas in 1970 who went on to become the Jane Roe in the Supreme Court’s landmark Roe...

Asylum seekers crossing the U.S.-Canada border in recent days could become the human face for a new review of U.S. refugee law.

A Kenyan court blocks government plans to close the Dadaab refugee camp, Japan announces dismal asylum data and a Dutch abortion funds gathers support.

Judges pressed a government attorney for evidence linking citizens of seven countries targeted by a travel to domestic terror incidents. There wasn't any.

The controversial law, passed in a heated session in the Knesset, will face scrutiny in the Israeli court system and has already drawn international rebuke.

Refugee arrivals from Turkey dropped by 98% in 2016. Libya is the new front line for EU leaders wishing to stem the flow of refugees heading to Europe.

Donald Trump has threatened to pull back U.S. support for the U.N., but could the President-elect unleash new U.N. cooperation by strengthening ties with Russia?

America escapes New Years unscathed, but the same can't be said for civilians in Istanbul and Baghdad, who were targeted by Islamic State attacks in recent days.

With the future of American climate change leadership in question during a Trump Administration, China could step into the leadership void.

The future U.N. Secretary-General takes the oath of office, pledging to address conflicts before they become humanitarian conflicts and enact gender parity.