Collins says she has not yet made a decision on the GOP...

Collins says she has not yet made a decision on the GOP tax reform bill

Republican Maine Sen. Susan Collins introduced a gun measure to stop suspected terrorists from obtaining guns. (Wikipedia)

WASHINGTON– Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) on Sunday said she is unsure if she will support the tax reform bill GOP lawmakers crafted in conjunction with the Trump Administration.

“I always wait until the final version of the bill is brought before us before I make a final decision on whether or not to support it,” Collins told CBS’ Face the Nation.

Last week both the House and Senate voted to convene a joint conference committee to reconcile differences between the bill both chambers passed.

Following conference, both chambers must approve the amended legislation before it heads to the president’s desk.

Colllins, who is widely regarded as a centrist, voted for the tax reform bill earlier this month after it was amended to preserve state and local property tax deductions that do not exceed $10,000.

But Collins has since said further changes might be necessary so as to ensure the legislation does more to help the middle-class.

Republicans hope to have the bill signed into law by Christmas.

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