Trump killing it in social media

Trump killing it in social media


Washington (Talk Media News) – Republican front-runner has been known to brag about the size of, among other things, his social media following.

In this regard, it seems to be justified.

If you were to combine the Twitter and Facebook followers for the two other remaining GOP candidates, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, the total falls far short of Trump’s Twitter account alone.

On Twitter, Trump has about 7.45 million followers. This dwarfs the 1.02 million enjoyed by Cruz and the 271,000 held by Kasich.

To give Cruz and Kasich a boost, we can also bring in the followers each has on the much tamer Twitter accounts they use for their official government duties. With that, Cruz nets an extra 796,000 for his Senate account while a Twitter feed maintained by Kasich’s gubernatorial communication team brings in just 5,212.

To be fair, there is likely significant overlap between the campaign and official business accounts.

As for Facebook, Trump is the clear winner with 6,883,826 likes on his page in comparison to the 2,106,993 held by the Cruz campaign’s and the 282,548 with Kasich. Cruz has an additional 977,974 on his Senate page while Kasich does not appear to have a Facebook page for his role as Governor.

The Trump domination is seen on Instagram as well. Trump has 1.3 millon followers while Cruz has 50.8k and Kasich has 26.1k.

As for the Democrats, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt) is usually known as the top choice for millennials and anybody with a left-leaning kid-cousin or college-aged nephew knows that they are vocal. Very vocal.

Larry David, who has been playing Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live, pointed this out during a recent portrayal of Vermont Senator.

“I want to thank everyone who voted for me, and apologize to everyone else for making your Facebook feeds so, so annoying.”

Sanders may have a vibrant online following but Hillary Clinton appears to have more followers. The former Secretary of State has 5.87 million while Sanders has 1.87 million for his campaign and 1.81 million for his Senate account.

On Facebook, Sanders fares better, boasting 3,754,515 likes on his campaign page and 3,676,894 for his Senate. Clinton’s campaign has 3,111,427.

On Instagram, Sanders has 1.1 million followers while Clinton has 1 million.

Numbers, however, aren’t everything. Tech site Vocativ says that Sanders has the most authentic social media following, meaning he has few fakes. Clinton, in contrast, had only 59 percent real followers in the days before the first Democratic debate.

But what about quality? In 2012, Trump boasted that he has all the “biggies” following his account.

“It’s like having your own newspaper,” Trump said.

It may actually be better. At the time of the Tweet, Trump had about 2 million followers. The New York Times daily circulation is about 1.4 million.

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