Warren hits Trump while stumping for Clinton

Warren hits Trump while stumping for Clinton


WASHINGTON (Talk Media News) – Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a leading figure among progressives, continued her role as attack dog against Donald Trump Monday during her first campaign event for Hillary Clinton.

Addressing Clinton’s supporters in Cincinnati, Ohio, Warren touted the presumptive Democratic candidate as “someone who gets up every single day and fights for us” and described Trump as “a small insecure money grubber who fights for no one but himself.”

While Monday marked the first time Warren campaigned for Clinton, the Massachusetts Senator has previously launched attacks against the presumptive Republican nominee both in speeches and on Twitter.

Trump has likewise gone to push against Warren, dismissing her publicly as “Pocahontas,” a nod to Warren maintaining that she has Native American ancestry during her 2012 Senate campaign.

More recently, Trump has attempted to describe Warren as “Goofy Elizabeth Warren,” a moniker Warren shot back at Monday.

“Donald Trump says he’ll make America great again. It’s stamped on the front of his goofy hat,” Warren quipped. “You want to see goofy? Look at him in that hat.”

Following Warren’s remarks, Clinton lauded the Senator’s ability to get under Trump’s skin, saying that she exposes him as someone “temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be president.”

Warren is considered to be a potential Vice Presidential choice for Clinton, a possibility bolstered by the belief that she could draw progressives who supported Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s top Democratic rival, during the primary.

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