GOP convention’s rules committee delayed by printer jam

GOP convention’s rules committee delayed by printer jam


CLEVELAND, OH (Talk Media News) – The Republican convention’s rules committee, long expected to be the dramatic site of the Never Trump movement’s last stand, was delayed Thursday morning by the scourge of offices everywhere: the dreaded printer jam.

The tech hiccup came amid discussion over barring lobbyists from serving with the Republican National Committee, a tweak to existing rules being pushed by Ted Cruz’ delegates. Printed copies on the proposal could not be distributed to the committee’s members as a result.

The reported jam, announced by former Utah Representative and committee moderator Enid Mickelsen, lead to the declaration of a half-an-hour long recess scheduled to end at 10:00am.

Shortly after 10:00am, however, Mickelsen said the recess would be extended until 1:00pm as the issues continue to be resolved.

The Rules Committee is meeting on Thursday and Friday. The body convened at 8:00am and had already recessed once for 15 minutes prior to the printer jamming.

An official from the RNC denied requests from the assembled press corps to examine the printer. It is not immediately apparent if they tried turning it off and on again.

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