Pence: Trump’s temporary immigration ban will include all religions

Pence: Trump’s temporary immigration ban will include all religions

By Nick Salazar   
Vice presidential nominee Mike Pence speaks at the Republican National Convention. (Photo by Doug Christian)

WASHINGTON (Talk Media News) — Indiana Governor and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence told Wisconsin radio host Charlie Sykes Monday that Donald Trump’s proposed temporary ban on immigration from terrorism-stricken countries would be expanded to include all individuals seeking entry from those territories, and not just Muslims.

Pence’s comments, first reported by BuzzFeed, were centered around Trump’s long-standing proposal to temporarily ban Muslim refugees from entering the United States, and said that a new “expanded” ban would be focused on the reworked proposal.

“We should temporarily suspend immigration from countries that have been compromised by terrorism, which I think is altogether fitting and appropriate,” Pence said.

When asked by Sykes if the temporary ban would apply to Christians and Jews, Pence confirmed that the ban would apply to all individuals who come from territories marked by terrorism until a new vetting system is approved.

Originally, Trump’s proposal was focused on banning Muslims from entering the country and no other group or religion was mentioned. That proposal was later altered at the Republican convention.

For his part, Pence had previously spoken out against Trump’s original proposal, saying that “calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.”

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