Trump’s immigration ‘wall’ plays strong in Texas

Trump’s immigration ‘wall’ plays strong in Texas


Donald Trump played the immigration card in Texas as thousands cheered, "Build the wall."

By Lora-Marie Bernard

AUSTIN (Talk Media News) – Donald Trump wants to give Texas its independence again.

Playing off the state’s revolution from Mexico, Donald Trump told an enthusiastic crowd at the Luedecke Arena in Austin he would protect Americans from a litany of issues. These included rising crime at home and abroad, unfair trade agreements, rising taxes and veteran neglect.

Fire marshals estimated the crowd to be about 7,000 and that included a few hecklers who briefly interrupted the GOP nominee.

“I’m going to give you independence,” Trump said, noting he would be the nation’s protector and not long before protesters tried to interrupt his speech.

“Is there any safer place to be than in a Trump rally?” he asked as a heckler was removed from the rally. “Right in the heart of Texas.”

Trump called for African American citizens living in inner cities to support his candidacy, noting that cities like Washington, D.C. and Baltimore have high unemployment, high poverty and crime issues that have not been solved by Democrats for several decades.

“What the hell do you have to lose?,” he asked, calling out African Americans to vote for him.

His delivered that plea to a predominately middle-age to elderly white crowd but pundits and even Dan Rather said Trump is really trying to reach those white independents and not African Americans.

Trump repeated his standard law-and-order themes as well as lowering taxes and closing borders. But at this rally, he put a face on the immigration issue with gripping stories told by mothers who said their children were killed by “illegal” immigrants.

Donald Trump applauds the Austin crowd as he delivers his stump speech. Photo by Lora-Marie Bernard.
Donald Trump applauds the Austin crowd as he delivers his stump speech. Photo: Lora-Marie Bernard/Talk Media News.

“American children who were killed by illegal immigrants as the result of Obama and Hillary laws, Hillary Clinton won’t meet with these families,” he said as he called the mothers and patrol officers who endorsed him to the stage. “She doesn’t have the heart.”

The mothers represented the Remembrance Project. One mother held back tears as she described her son’s torture and subsequent burning at the hands of undocumented immigrants. One by one they told horrifying stories about their children who died and a legal system that let them down.

Trump pledged to do away with so-called sanctuary cities, a hot button topic in Texas, and build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the country.

Trump then turned his attention to Hillary Clinton as news continued to break about the former Secretary of State’s email scandal, with a recent Associated Press story detailing a “pay for play” racket inside the Clinton Foundation. He offered several statistics and figures to show pressure being put on the State Department to favor Clinton donors.

“Hillary Clinton thinks she is above the law,” he said as he called for a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Foundation and its ties to the State Department. That, he said, will change in November.

Before the crowd entered the building, Travis County Republican Chair Robert Morrow was removed from the line that meandered into the parking lot. Morrow, who has a reputation of spreading unfounded wild rumors donned a jester outfit. He said he was not just protesting against Trump as local police escorted him to his truck.

“Look, I have information on Hillary too,” he said as he sat on the edge of truck, “I’m equal opportunity.”

Nearby, three women from Williamson County were having a traditional Texas tailgating party. Underneath large Texas Hill Country shade trees, they said Trump had been given “gotcha” questions by the media that doesn’t understand the groundswell of support.

Trump supporters tailgate outside the rally in Austin. Photo by Lora-Marie Bernard.
Trump supporters tailgate outside the rally in Austin. Photo by Lora-Marie Bernard.

Among the women was Maria Garza Brown is a 53-year-old Hispanic woman from South Texas known as The Valley. Immigrants entering the country illegally cross her family’s extensive ranch, which concerns her, she said. Her daughter was attacked by one person as he tried to enter, she said.

“We don’t know who they are,” she said. “We don’t know what they are or how long they are going to say [on our property].”

Trump’s hard-nose stance on immigration resonates with her, she said.

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