Trump team hasn’t made contact with Defense, State transition teams

Trump team hasn’t made contact with Defense, State transition teams

Photo by Danielle Wilde
Danielle Wilde/TMN

WASHINGTON – One week after being elected into the White House, President-elect Donald Trump’s team has yet to make contact with the transition teams waiting for them at the State Department and Defense Department.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Monday that he expects the Trump team to come by the Pentagon this week. And, although Carter is traveling, he directed his Chief of Staff, who is heading the department’s transition team, to stay at the Pentagon in case the Trump team shows up.

“We’ve done this before. We’re very prepared for it. I don’t know when they’ll come. That’s entirely up to them. But we’re ready to go. So there’s a fairly well-understood template. But the mission on our side is very clear… which is we’ll try to help them to get all the information and the perspective that will help them to hit the ground running,” Carter told reporters en route to California.

State Department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau said Wednesday that the department does not see that lack of contact as a snub.

“It’s up to the president-elect and his team. We stand ready to welcome them, provide the briefing materials, the facilitation, as we look towards inauguration in January,” Trudeau told reporters at a regular news briefing.


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