Michigan gov apologizes for water crisis, will request $28 million

Michigan gov apologizes for water crisis, will request $28 million


Michigan Governor Rick Snyder apologized Tuesday evening for the water crisis facing the city of Flint and promised that he will seek $28 million in funds to help Flint’s residents procure clean drinking water and access to health care.

“You deserve better,” Snyder said during his annual State of the State address. “You deserve accountability. You deserve to know that the buck stops here with me.”

Flint’s water supply has been threatened since a decision two years ago to draw from the Flint River, a nearby body of water hit heavily by industrial pollution. Iron in the water was reportedly not properly treated properly, in violation of environmental regulations, and the corrosive nature of the water ultimately introduced lead and other contaminants from the city’s pipes into the supply.

Earlier this month, President Barack Obama declared a State of Emergency in Flint, a move that opened up access to $5 million in funds.

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