Ryan condemns Trump over rally violence


House Speaker Paul Ryan noted this Tuesday that he will stand behind Trump if he is elected to be the nominee but he condemns the action of inciting violence and violating the Republican's fundamental principles.

By Jialu Liu

WASHINGTON (Talk Media News) – House Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday that he will stand behind Trump if he is elected to be the nominee but condemned the action of inciting violence which has erupted during the business mogul’s rallies.

Speaking at the RNC lobby Tuesday, Ryan said “if we see our principles get distorted, we’re gonna stand up and defend our principles” when asked about incitation of violence conducted by Trump’s supporter who sucker-punched a black protester over the weekend.

“All candidates have the obligation to do what they can do to provide an atmosphere of harmony, to reduce the violence, to not incite violence, and to make sure that we are appealing to people on their best ideals. Ideals that unite the country so we can actually fix the country’s problems,” he added.

Ryan noted that “it is Republican primary voters who make the decision, it is not our decision,” on who the front runner will be.

“What we can control is we can control our agenda, that’s what we are doing,” said Ryan, and will support “who the nominee us going to be, that’s gonna be selected by our voters.”

Five states are holding primary votes Tuesday. Including Ohio, where Trump and the state governor, John Kasich are in a virtual tie. Trump is leading Sen. Marco Rubio by double digits in his home state of Florida while it is still unknown who voters will support in the other three states of Missouri, North Carolina and Illinois.

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