Presidential race too close to call

Presidential race too close to call


New York – With the polls closed in nine of the 10 battleground states, the 2016 presidential election is turning tense.

Hillary Clinton was expected to walk away the clear winner, but with close margins in swing states, Republican nominee Donald Trump appears to have a very clear chance of winning.

The New York Times’ forecast hovered around 80 percent in Clinton’s favor before the polls started closing, but as of 9:28 p.m., her chances have plunged to 50 percent.

Both candidates are holding their election night parties in New York City, and the subversion of expectations has taken hold.

At Trump’s watch party, attendees have cheered developments that have put the race in Trump’s favor, and they were particularly excited about what appears to be a sustained lead in Florida – which is generally regarded as a must-win state for Trump. 

The mood has turned somber at Clinton’s watch party.

The overflow room that drew many expecting to witness the historic election of the country’s first female president has begun to clear out and the results have stopped being shown on the large screens set up to help attendees chart her progress.

Chants of “we believe that we can win” broke out as well, a phrase previously associated with the U.S. soccer team’s uphill battle in the World Cup in 2014.

No battleground state has been called for either candidate.

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