Trump: We can’t keep FEMA, military in Puerto Rico forever

Trump: We can’t keep FEMA, military in Puerto Rico forever


WASHINGTON- President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday morning that the U.S. can’t keep federal personnel in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico “forever.”

Trump’s tweets come just hours before the House of Representatives is expected to debate and vote on disaster relief legislation.

The Trump administration has requested that Congress include $4.9 billion for Puerto Rico as part of a previously requested package now estimated at $36.5 billion.

The legislation allocates most of the emergency assistance funds for flood victims in Texas, Louisiana and Florida and those afflicted by wildfires in California and other western states.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) will visit Puerto Rico on Friday as part of a bipartisan Congressional delegation.

Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico as a category 4 hurricane on Sept. 20  two weeks after Hurricane Irma passed north of the island as a category 5 storm, bringing heavy rain and strong winds.

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