McCain hospitalized for side-effects related to cancer treatment

McCain hospitalized for side-effects related to cancer treatment


WASHINGTON- Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is in the hospital being treated for side-effects related to cancer treatment, according to a Wednesday statement released by the senator’s office.

“Senator McCain is currently receiving treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center for normal side effects of his ongoing cancer therapy,” the statement said.

The statement said the 81-year-old six-term senator:  “looks forward to returning to work as soon as possible.”

McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer in July and has maintained a regular schedule while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

McCain’s absence, if prolonged, could potentially effect passage of the completed version of the tax reform bill Republican lawmakers crafted in conjunction with the Trump Administration, as well as passage of potential bipartisan legislation to keep the government funded beyond Dec. 22.

McCain often is critical of President Trump and has at times broke party ranks to vote with Democrats. Last summer, he cast the decisive vote defeating a Obamacare repeal and replacement measure.

McCain in a Wednesday tweet thanked former Vice President Joe Biden for consoling daughter Meghan McCain earlier that day in an emotional interview with ABC’s The View.

Biden recalled to Meghan how his late-son Beau in 2015 died of the same type of cancer her father is battling and spoke of the close friendship the two families have.

Biden reassured Meghan: “If anybody can make it, it’s your father.”

Biden told the panel:  “Her dad is one of my best friends.”

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