White House denies FISA confusion

White House denies FISA confusion

“He wants a budget deal,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters on Wednesday, referring to the president. (WhiteHouse.gov)

WASHINGTON — White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders claimed Thursday that President Donald Trump’s morning tweets on the the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) were not confusing, despite their contradictory nature.

“We weren’t confused, but some of you guys were,” Sanders told reporters.

Early Thursday morning Trump appeared to attack the law on Twitter, saying that it was used against him by the previous administration.

After more than 90 minutes passed, Trump posted a second tweet voicing support for reauthorizing FISA’s Section 702, which allows the U.S. to monitor communications from foreign targets.

Critics argue that the section could allow the U.S. to collect data on Americans who speak with individuals living abroad.

While Trump’s initial tweet reportedly sparked confusion on Capitol Hill, the House ultimately voted 256-164 in favor of reauthorization.

Sanders butted heads with reporters over whether or not the president’s tweet was the best way of conveying his views, arguing that the president has shown that he understands the subject since he issued a presidential memo on it the previous week.

When pressed by MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson to acknowledge that the series of events was confusing, Sanders declined, stating that “the premise of your question is ridiculous” and “shows the lack of knowledge that you have on this process.”

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