Trump says he still has confidence in Pruitt as scandals pile up

Trump says he still has confidence in Pruitt as scandals pile up

President Trump signs an executive order on American energy policy and climate regulations. March 28, 2017. Courtesy: White House
President Donald Trump signs an executive order on U.S. energy policy and climate regulations, on March 28, 2017, at the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C. Looking on and smiling are EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, at left wearing blue tie. White House photo)

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump told reporters Friday that he continues to stand by Scott Pruitt as scandals surrounding the embattled Environmental Protection Agency administrator continue to pile up.

“Yes, I do,” Trump replied when asked during a meeting with auto-manufacturers if he still had confidence in Pruitt.

The administrator was seated directly next to the president at the time.

Pruitt has been the subject of controversy for a long list of issues, including living in an apartment co-owned by an energy lobbyist, overseeing pay raises for two top staffers against the White House’s wishes, frequent first-class flights and relying more heavily on a private security detail than previous administrators.

On Thursday, the New York Times released EPA communications that showed Pruitt dined with a high-ranking cardinal who denies climate change at a pricey restaurant in Rome.

The cardinal, Australian George Pell, is now under investigation for sexual abuse allegations.

The White House has maintained that the administration is reviewing the media’s reports on Pruitt, but Press Secretary Sarah Sanders declined to give an update when asked on the status of it last week.

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