Pruitt resigns after months of scandal

Pruitt resigns after months of scandal

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt announced on April 3 that Obama administration fuel standards for vehicles will be rolled back. "These standards were inappropriate & needed to be revised," he wrote on his Twitter page. (Administrator Pruitt/Twitter)

WASHINGTON — Scott Pruitt resigned as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Thursday, a move that comes after he had weathered months of mounting scrutiny over his behavior in the position.

President Donald Trump tweeted that he had accepted Pruitt’s resignation, but did not acknowledge the string of scandals the administrator was facing.

Instead, Trump said Pruitt had done an “outstanding job.”

Trump said Andrew Wheeler, the EPA’s deputy administrator, will fill Pruitt’s position next Monday.

Pruitt, the former attorney general of Oklahoma, initially came under fire for using taxpayer money for personal travel, opulent office furnishings and for expanding the size and scope of his security detail beyond that of his predecessors.

The scrutiny intensified after it was revealed in April that he rented a condo from the wife of an energy lobbyist for only $50 a night.

Pruitt said there was nothing improper about the arrangement, but the reports fueled speculation that the administrator could be on his way out.

Instead, Trump repeatedly came to Pruitt’s defense, even after additional concerns over his tenure came to light.

All in all, Pruitt is the subject of more than a dozen investigations, most recently one into reports that he used alternate calendars and schedules to hide meetings he had with energy industry representatives and others.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) heralded the resignation in a terse, one-word statement.

“Good,” the watchdog group said.

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