McCarthy: Trump owed an apology by those who alleged collusion with Russia

McCarthy: Trump owed an apology by those who alleged collusion with Russia

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Doug Christian/TMN/file photo- 1/19/17)

WASHINGTON – House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said President Donald Trump is owed an apology by those who alleged he and his campaign colluded with Russia.

“I think he’s owed an apology from every individual that stood there and said they had proof, if they said they knew of collusion…I do believe he’s owed an apology from anyone that put their politics of dislike before the American public,” McCarthy (R-Calif.) said at a news conference on Tuesday.

McCarthy referenced that today is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 79th birthday and said he hopes she and her fellow Democrats will use the occasion to “turn the page,” from congressional probes into collusion.

Attorney General William Barr sent a letter to key lawmakers on Capitol Hill Sunday that said Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III did not find any evidence of collusion between members of campaign and Russian officials during his 22-month investigation.

In his letter Barr said that while Mueller’s report did not uncover any evidence that Trump may have broken the law, “it also does not exonerate him.”

Barr has said he will confer with DoJ as to what aspects of the report can be made public.

Democrats have insisted that Mueller’s full report be made public. They have questioned Barr’s ability to be impartial and have pointed to the report’s failure to exonerate Trump as reason for further inquiry.

Both Democrats and Republicans have called on Barr to testify about the report.

Trump, who repeatedly referred to Mueller’s probe as a “witch hunt,” has celebrated the findings of the report as vindication.

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