Friday, July 10, 2020
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    • Christian Vasquez

      The first thing I realized while interning at Talk Media News was that I was going to be treated like a journalist. Everyone was welcoming and supportive, but they also expected a story by the end of the day. Because of TMN, I learned how to cover breaking news and write faster and cleaner. I got to interview Nancy Pelosi, chase down Al Franken and sit in a meeting with Madeleine Albright. I also learned how to work on a long-term project, and overcome obstacles when the story got rough. The reporters and editors at Talk Media News gave me the freedom to pursue my own stories while lending a guiding hand whenever I needed it.

      Tim Maier is a great editor and someone that any journalist could learn a lot from. On my first story, I sat down with Tim and we discussed how I could improve the story and make it more engaging for the audience. I worked under Bryan Renbaum covering Congress, who would go over my articles line by line and tell me what to cut, what to keep in and how to shape the story. These interactions lasted the entire internship and I still look back at my notes from my time at TMN.

      The summer I spent with TMN in Washington DC covering Congress was, without a doubt, the best hands-on learning experiences of my journalism career. I would highly recommend interning at TMN. No matter your skill level, it is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in politics and journalism.

      Christian Vasquez
    • As a junior journalism major at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to intern with Talk Media News. Being so close to in the heart of American politics and getting to do city reporting in the nation’s capital was an invaluable experience.



    • My internship with Talk Media News (TMN) was an experience I will never forget. I applied for the internship through the Washington Center over the summer to work at the Democratic National Convention. It was the best decision I ever made.

      Every day was a learning experience. One of the most memorable experiences occurred on my first day. My partner and I covered a Bernie Sanders protest in downtown Philadelphia. We saw the protest marching down the street and pitched the story to our supervisor. It was really exhilarating gathering the interviews amidst such a large protest. Later that day, the story was posted on TMN’s website. My partner and I continued to cover protests outside and inside the convention center for the next few days.

      One of my favorite stories that we wrote was the Sanders supporters walk out during roll call. I was just returning to radio row when I saw a mass group of people holding up Bernie Sanders signs and wearing Sanders shirts chanting. I immediately started interviewing people and asking them what was going on. I ended up following the protestors out and continued to gather interviews. This was the moment I knew journalism was something I wanted to pursue in the future. Throughout the internship, I discovered I really enjoyed the fast pace world of journalism. The days were long, but every day offered something different. I was able to experience all the work that goes into journalism. Having three articles published online was something I did not expect, but it proved how much the TMN staff trusted us.

      Since the internship, I have applied what I learned toward my school’s newspaper and my classes. I feel like I have a better understanding of the inner working of media and politics. I have more confidence in my writing and the ability to get the story. It also helped me dial in on what my passions are, and the career I want to pursue after graduation. I feel like this internship taught me to work hard and to think on me feet. I definitely have a greater appreciation for journalism and look forward to working with Talk Media News again in the future.

    • Becoming an author after many years in the newsroom was a good move for me but it lacks newsroom excitement. Talk Media News gave me the opportunity to freshen my clips while placing me on the national media stage. Since then, I’ve kept in touch with Tim and the team. I even covered a presidential rally. My experience with them changed the expectations I have of myself and my career is better for it.


    • During my time at Talk Media News (summer 2016), I managed to learn a lot considering I’ve only been there six weeks. From the moment I arrived in Washington, D.C. I was treated like a real journalist covering politics. I learn best by hands-on experience and TMN offered a lot of that.

      When I first arrived, I had one journalism class under my belt, but when I left I felt more confident than ever before. Tim Maier was my editor and really helped me become a better writer by taking the time to go over my articles line by line. He communicated to me in a way that really clicked and made me a better writer. All of the other journalists at TMN were so nice and helpful. I never felt like they were judging or laughing at my inexperience. Instead they all wanted me to learn as much as I could and really helped me along the way.

      While in D.C. I was granted access to Capital Hill, the White House and the Pentagon. I got to cover relevant stories that really helped me learn a lot about my own government and how it really works. Not only did I leave TMN a better writer, but also a more knowledgeable citizen of this country. If you are looking for a “cake” internship this is not the one for you. TMN’s internships are for students who really want to get that hands-on experience and become a better journalist.

      I am so happy to have interned at TMN, but my only regret is that it was only for the summer.

    • I am so grateful that I was one of the students placed with Talk Media News. During my fieldwork I was out reporting in the field as well as writing up stories, several of which were published. We were allowed to find our own stories, as well as help contribute to stories with other interns. I really doubt that any other interns with other organizations had as great of an experience as I did with Talk Media News, and I will be forever thankful for the opportunity. I know that what I did during the Democratic Convention will be an experience that not only helps me this fall during my internship, but for the rest of my life as a reporter. I can’t think of any other way to get experience in my field of political reporting than to be thrown right into it headfirst like I was. Talk Media News made me feel like I was a part of the team, and I loved every minute.

      Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with Talk Media News,


    • Words cannot express my gratitude to the staff at Talk Media News. The opportunities provided to me were above any classroom experience. They gave me a genuine glimpse into the life of a journalist. I got to see firsthand that journalism is a hard, but rewarding profession. My internship did not just involve observing; it involved contributing. From the beginning, I felt like I was a respected member of the team. The first day we were told that our work would be critiqued, and it was. I appreciated that TMN wanted to make us better young journalists. The first story I submitted was not perfect, and I was told what I needed to improve on. Constructive criticism makes us all better, and TMN made me better. The adrenalin I received when my story got published was extraordinary. TMN made me feel that I was worth something. Other internships make their interns fetch coffee; this was not the case with TMN. I saw the whole picture, from set up to clean up. The entire TMN staff fulfills their roles at a level above par. They truly have a passion for what they do and are eager to spread it. Talk Media News made me grow as an individual. I will forever remember and celebrate the experience they so graciously give to me. I strongly urge others who want to pursue journalism to “just do it.” If you have a passion for journalism or want to find out if journalism is your passion; contact Talk News Media. Talk News Media will give you an experience that will forever have an influence on your life.