Cesar Sayoc aka Cesar Altieri had revealing social media profiles

Cesar Sayoc aka Cesar Altieri had revealing social media profiles

Twitter page screenshot of the serial bombing suspect, Ceasar Sayoc aka Ceasar Altieri.
Twitter page screenshot of the serial bombing suspect, Cesar Sayoc aka Cesar Altieri.


WASHINGTON – Suspected serial bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc, arrested earlier today, left a rich social media footprint. In that medium, he went by Cesar Altieri as well as Caesar Altieri Randazzo.

The link between his names is revealed on LinkedIn, where Cesar Altieri posted: “My family very sound Sayoc name in Medical field Grandfather Col. Baltazar Zook Sayoc that perfect the conversion oriental eye to Americanize.”

Sayoc’s LinkedIn profile says that his “Career decision of becoming a Horse Doctor was always a love for animals, which were here first and never do anything to anyone.”

(Sound of Trump rally music)

TMN downloaded a video from the Facebook page of Cesar Altieri Randazzo that appeared to be Sayoc’s showing him at a Trump rally featuring a Rolling Stones song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” playing in the background:


In addition, Sayoc had fun making a video of himself playing in the surf and singing:

(Audio of “Rubber Duckie”)

More ominously Sayoc had been arrested several times in years past, including for an alleged bomb threat.

TMN called the law office of South Florida attorney Christian J. Olson confirm Sayoc’s 2012 bankruptcy filing. A person at the office replied, “I’m sorry; we are not speaking on that right now. Have a nice day,” and hung up.

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed the arrest of Sayoc in a news conference, he spoke of Sayoc’s motivation:

(Audio Partisan)

Sayoc’s confiscated van was emblazoned with numerous stickers featuring photos of Donald Trump.

Sayoc’s Twitter feed, where he reveals that he is a former professional soccer player and cage fighter, shows a partisan bent when he says,

“Go Republicans. Low taxes, low crime”

Doug Christian, Washington


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