Ex-White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter to be called before the House

Ex-White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter to be called before the House

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.)


CAPITOL HILL – When Congress comes back from its August recess after Labor Day, former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter is to be called before the House Judiciary Committee to testify on multiple episodes of alleged obstruction of justice, as detailed in the Mueller report, according to a breaking report from Politico. Porter’s name is mentioned in the report 147 times.

One alleged incident that is likely to be addressed is Porter’s testimony before former Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III saying that President Donald Trump attempted to cover up his tracks after he attempted to fire Mueller. On page 121 of Part II, it reads: “Porter told McGahn that he has to write a letter to dispute that he was ever ordered to terminate the Special Counsel.”

Former White House Counsel McGahn testified to the special counsel that the president said, “I never said to fire Mueller. I never said ‘fire.’ This story doesn’t look good. You need to correct this. You’re the White House counsel.”

McGahn had been subpoenaed to appear before the Judiciary Committee in May, but had not appeared due to pressure from the White House invoking “executive immunity.” The House is fighting the subpoena in court.

In other news, congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle are trying to work with a president whose positions often change suddenly and abruptly on a range of issues, from gun violence to tariffs, to Iran, to suggesting that Jews who support Democrats are disloyal, and ordering U.S. firms to cease doing business with China.

On gun violence, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said on Friday morning at a press conference in Hartford, Conn., “I think it’s very hard to negotiate with this White House when the president’s public positions seem to change by the day.”

Doug Christian, Capitol Hill


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