Tweet Heat: The IG report is out. Let’s all argue about 2016...

Tweet Heat: The IG report is out. Let’s all argue about 2016 again!


WASHINGTON — The Inspector General report on the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton gave the internet yet another opportunity to engage in what is fast becoming America’s new national pastime: Re-litigating the 2016 election on Twitter!

Yes, the polls may have closed 584 days ago, but the mere fact that it ended in November hasn’t stopped anyone before, so why not one more round?

Hillary Clinton got in one of the best digs this week, managing to show off some decent snark while taking another shot at James Comey.

From there, we got a cameo from another 2016 mainstay: WikiLeaks.

And of course, James Comey with one of those quintessentially Comey responses that sounds honorable but also manages to avoid taking any real responsibility.

Trump has pretty much been reliving 2016 every day since he assumed office, so no surprise that he would use the IG report to do so again.

And again.

Then there are the former Clinton staffers, who seem to be handling it well.

Although, some probably better than others.

Some in the press tapped into what’s becoming a universal truth: that this is just life now.

And for those who still can’t get enough of 2016, Trump showed today that this trend won’t be going away any time soon.

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