Tweet Heat: Flight Risk

Tweet Heat: Flight Risk


WASHINGTON — A day after CNN reported that Michael Cohen is willing to tell the Special Counsel’s office that President Donald Trump had advance knowledge of a meeting arranged by his son with a Russian attorney, it appears that Robert Mueller is getting closer to Trump, Jr.


POLITICO’s Playbook runs a section called Spotted, where if you’re in D.C. and come across a prominent news figure or, increasingly unlikely in the post-Obama years, a celebrity, you can shoot the newsletter team an email and hopefully see your encounter mentioned in their next edition.

Sometimes the entries can be pretty ho-hum. Things like Henry Kissinger around Dupont Circle, Chris Matthews at Le Diplomate or former Congressman Darrell Issa hanging around the White House.

(To be fair, those are all the ones I’ve submitted.)

On Friday, however, Playbook co-author Jake Sherman promised that the best in the feature’s history was coming.

He did not disappoint.

Mueller and Don, Jr. were spotted at DCA, just feet apart, apparently either oblivious to each other’s presence or purposefully avoiding eye contact.

The Special Counsel’s team, which is usually tight-lipped, surprisingly confirmed that it was, in fact, Mueller in the photo.

A closer shot of the gentleman in the camo baseball hat also proved that it was the president’s son.

And of course, there were jokes.

And my favorite:

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