Tweet Heat: Conspiracy theory emerges around Trump’s top cheerleader

Tweet Heat: Conspiracy theory emerges around Trump’s top cheerleader

(Twitter: @JacobAWohl)

This week the media opened their eyes to an astounding conspiracy theory that could rattle the world as we know it.

It’s not the Qanon stuff, which is absolutely nuts and has received way more attention that it ever should, but one surrounding Trump’s top Twitter cheerleader: Jacob Wohl.

If you’ve ever looked at the replies to Trump’s tweets, you’ve probably seen Wohl somewhere near the top, usually lavishing praise like a right-wing hip-hop hype man.

The Daily Beast did an in-depth profile of Wohl earlier this year detailing the 20-something’s troubled career in finance, but it’s his unmitigated praise of the president that has gained him prominence.

Well, that and a running theme in his tweets in which he has repeatedly claimed to have overheard L.A. hipsters expressing covert support for the president.

While Wohl’s tweets are usually met with eye-rolls from those in the media, one was off-base enough to spark an entirely different reaction.

Instead of mockery, some began to question if they had been pranked the entire time.

Yes, they may be a little tongue-in-cheek but in this era, where presumably politically savvy types are getting regularly duped by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, could it really be that much of a leap?

In fact, a possible Cohen connection has been floated before.

While Wohl hasn’t directly addressed the burgeoning theory, he did retweet at least one post related to it.

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