Trump’s military buildup would cost an extra $683 billion over 10 years:...

Trump’s military buildup would cost an extra $683 billion over 10 years: CBO

By Loree Lewis   
President Donald Trump speaks to service members and their families during a Troop Talk on Nov. 5, at Yokota Air Base in Japan. (Senior Airman Donald Hudson/ U.S. Air Force)

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s plan to increase the military’s readiness, size and capabilities would cost $683 billion more — or 12 percent higher — than current spending plans over the next decade, according to a new report from the non-partisan Congressional budget office.

The report, released Monday, said the base budget would have to reach $688 billion by 2027 to keep with the planned buildup, representing a 20 percent jump over peak annual Cold War-era spending.

The major costs of Trump’s plan, according to the CBO, include a 10 percent manpower increase (an additional 237,000 troops), a nearly 30 percent increase in the Naval fleet to bring it to 355 ships and increased spending on weapons and weapons research.

Trump’s plan to “rebuild the military” remains elusive, however, in the face of budget caps enacted in the 2011 Budget Control Act. The CBO report estimates the buildup would exceed budget caps by $295 billion through 2021, when the caps expire.

Congressional lawmakers are currently working to pass a federal budget for Fiscal Year 2018. They have until Friday to pass a full budget or to pass a stopgap funding measure, called a continuing resolution (CR), until they can agree to and pass a full budget.

Negotiations over the budget include debate over how much to raise budget caps for defense and non-defense parts of the budget.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told lawmakers earlier this year that the military buildup would begin in 2019.

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