DEA proposes 20% reduction in opioid manufacturing in 2018

DEA proposes 20% reduction in opioid manufacturing in 2018


DEA seeks 20% reduction in narcotic drugs
The Drug Enforcement Administration proposed a 20% reduction in the amount of narcotic substances that can be manufactured in the U.S. next year. The reduction would apply to opioid painkillers, including oxycodone, hydrocodone, oxymorphone, hydromorphone, morphine, codeine, meperidine and fentanyl. DEA said the reduction is justified because demand for opioid drugs has dropped as a result of prescription drug monitoring programs undertaken by an increasing number of states.

California: More voters than residents?
Eleven of California’s largest counties have more registered voters than residents, Judicial Watch claimed in a letter that threatened state officials with a lawsuit if they fail to comply with National Voter Registration Act and Help America Vote Act requirements. Both federal laws require states to assure their registered voter lists are accurate, JW said. Topping the list was San Diego County where JW claimed the number of voters is 138% more than the number of voting-age residents. Also on the list: San Francisco County (114%), Los Angeles County (112%) and San Mateo County (111%).

New email scam tricks tax preparers
The Internal Revenue Service warned tax professionals about a new email scam that could trick them into sharing their log-on and password credentials and thus enable scammers to access their clients’ accounts. The email arrives with the subject line of “Software Support Update” and mimics the appearance of a legitimate provider of tax preparation software. The email explains that a recent upgrade requires users to revalidate their log-on and password credentials and displays a fill-in form that sends the information to the scammer.

U.S. trade deficit added $43.6 billion in June
In June, the U.S. exported $194.4 billion and imported $238.0 billion worth of goods and services, resulting in a $43.6 billion trade deficit, the Bureau of Economic Analysis said. China accounted for $31.3 billion of June’s deficit, approximately three-fourths of the total amount, followed by the European Union ($12.5 billion), Germany ($5.6 billion), Japan ($5.5 billion) and Mexico ($5.5 billion).

ICE nabs fugitive murder suspect
Carlos Chavez, 34, a Guatemala national, was apprehended in Atlanta, Ga., by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents for illegally entering the U.S. Chavez was turned over to Atlanta police authorities when ICE discovered that Chavez has been a fugitive since 2003 when a Fulton County judge issued a warrant for his arrest in a murder case.

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