Kavanaugh faces new sexual assault allegation

Kavanaugh faces new sexual assault allegation

Brett Kavanaugh meets with Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) ahead of his confirmation hearings, (Photo ©2018 Doug Christian)
Brett Kavanaugh meets with Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) ahead of his confirmation hearings, (Photo ©2018 Doug Christian)

WASHINGTON— Brett Kavanaugh is facing a new sexual assault allegation following a New Yorker report outlining an alleged incident surrounding him and a classmate when the Supreme Court nominee was a freshman at Yale.

Deborah Ramirez, 53, who attended Yale, told the magazine that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her and “caused her to touch [his genitals] without her consent as she pushed him away” during an on-campus party.

Kavanaugh denied the allegation Sunday night.

“This alleged event from 35 years ago did not happen. The people who knew me then know that this did not happen, and have said so,” Kavanaugh said in a statement. “This is a smear, plain and simple. I look forward to testifying on Thursday about the truth, and defending my good name and the reputation for character and integrity I have spent a lifetime building against these last-minute allegations.”

The White House has signaled that they stand with the nominee.

“This 35-year-old, uncorroborated claim is the latest in a coordinated smear campaign by the Democrats designed to tear down a good man,” White House spokesperson Kerri Kupec said in a statement. “This claim is denied by all who were said to be present and is wholly inconsistent with what many women and men who knew Judge Kavanaugh at the time in college say.”

According to the report, Ramirez has “acknowledged that there are significant gaps in her memories of the evening,” but says she confident that it was Kavanaugh.

The New Yorker has been unable to confirm the incident with other witnesses.

It cites two former students who claim that they had heard about the incident at the time as well as two other former students and the wife of a third, each identified as being in the room by Ramirez, who denied that it took place.

The report marks the second woman who has publicly detailed allegations against the nominee.

In a Washington Post report published last weekend, California-based professor Christine Ford claimed that Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed, groped her and tried to remove her clothing when they were both teenagers.

She also said that Kavanaugh covered her mouth and that she feared for her life.

Kavanaugh has vehemently denied the charges.

The Judiciary Committee is expected to hold a hearing with both Kavanaugh and Ford on Thursday.

Michael Avenatti, the attorney representing adult film star Stormy Daniels in her legal fight against President Donald Trump, has also alluded to having contact with another accuser.

The New Yorker reported that senior Republican staffers were aware of Ramirez’ charges last week and “expressed concern about its potential impact on Kavanaugh’s nomination.”

The magazine notes that Senate Republicans renewed calls for a hastened confirmation process after the issue was brought to light.

The Judiciary Committee did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether or not their staffers were aware.

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