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Following a protracted legal battle, Chris Gard and Connie Yates suspend efforts to send their son to the US for experimental treatment.

President Trump's scheduled visit to the UK is postponed until 2018, and a South Korean lawmaker says North Korea's missile test was less than it appeared.

Just days before hotly-contested national elections, British Prime Minister Theresa May is under fire for overseeing years of cuts to the police.

Following a terrorist attack on Parliament, the UK Foreign Secretary called on social media networks to do more to limit the reach of extremist content.

Tuesday's ruling will allow members of the House of Commons to vote up or down and introduce amendments on leaving the European Union.

Prime Minister Theresa May promises to nurture British unity and create a 'bold new positive role' for Great Britain outside of the European Union.

Philip Morris and British American Tobacco contend that required health warnings are unnecessarily large and have an adverse affect on their business competitiveness.

Despite gradual reforms, Great Britain is still ruled by – and pays to maintain – a monarchy. One group is using the Queen Elizabeth II's birthday to encourage a rethink of the system.