Police say 19-year-old man wanted to shoot Trump: report

Police say 19-year-old man wanted to shoot Trump: report

Donald Trump announces his presidential candidacy in New York City. June 16, 2015. Photo: Luke Vargas
Donald Trump appears at a campaign event. (2016 file Photo: Luke Vargas/TMN)

Washington (Talk Media News) – A 19-year old man arrested at a Donald Trump rally told police that he intended to open fire on Donald Trump, according to the Associated Press.

Michael Sanford started to talk to a police officer during a Saturday rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said in a press release.  Sandford then attempted to disarm the officer, police said.

“The officers assigned to the event were able to quickly take Sandford into custody with little further disruption at the venue,” the department said. “Custody of Sandford has since been handed over to the United States Secret.”

Sandford’s motives were included in a complaint filed in the Nevada District Court.

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