Abortion: Demonstrators react to US Supreme Court ruling

Abortion: Demonstrators react to US Supreme Court ruling

By TMN Interns   

By John Jamison

WASHINGTON (Talk Media News) – About 200 demonstrators stood outside of the U.S. Supreme Court Monday, praising the justices’ decision to reverse a Texas law that they said made it more difficult for women to get abortions.

“It’s a huge way to stand up for women’s rights.” said Olivia Robinson,21, a political consultant.

“These laws are intended to make it so difficult for a woman to have an abortion that it’s irrelevant that it’s legal. So even though abortion is legal, if you have no way to access it that goes against the spirit of the laws we have in the books now,” Robinson said.

The 2013 Texas law required abortion clinics to maintain hospital-like standards of surgical centers with large operating rooms and for doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-3 to overturn the law.

Many of the demonstrators referred to the laws as attempts to place obstructions in the path of women seeking to exercise their right to an abortion.

“It’s kind of a false choice,” Robinson said. “It’s actually kind of an insidious way to prevent women from having abortions at all, and that forces women to turn to less safe options.”

“Even though abortion is legal, women are not able to access them because there’s been such a concerted effort to shut down these clinics and this Supreme Court decision will really prevent those kind of trap laws from being passed.”

Not all agreed with Robinson’s viewpoint.

“Women lost today. Our Supreme Court justices did not uphold a common sense law that protects women,” said Lisa Stover, 25, the National Program Coordinator for Students for Life of America who was one of about 50 demonstrators who opposed abortion.

“This case was not about access to abortion. This case is about women’s safety,” Stover said.

“The goal is so that women can go in knowing if they’re going in for procedure that they’re going to be safe,” Stover said. “Women deserve to know when they go in for any procedure that they are being protected.”



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