Father of NY, NJ bombing suspect talked to FBI in 2014

Father of NY, NJ bombing suspect talked to FBI in 2014

By Nick Salazar   

Officials didn't follow up with an interview with Ahmad Rahami, possibly leaving him off the radar of federal authorities.

WASHINGTON (Talk Media News) — The father of the suspect in bombings that broke out in New York and New Jersey contacted the FBI amid concerns about his son’s behavior during a domestic dispute two years prior, CNN reported Tuesday.

The report said the FBI interviewed Ahmad Rahami’s father in 2014 after the son was accused of a violent domestic dispute. The FBI interviewed the father after receiving a tip that suggested that his father feared his son was a terrorist.

However, the father backtracked on the statements he made about his son, and the FBI didn’t interview Ahmad Rahami after the remarks.

Rahami has been charged with five counts of attempted murder of an officer and a slew of other charges after being taken into custody following a shootout with police.

There were numerous injuries in the explosions over the weekend, none were deemed to be life-threatening, and all of those injured had been released from the hospital as of Tuesday.

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