Conspiracy site InfoWars loses online footing as tech giants remove content

Conspiracy site InfoWars loses online footing as tech giants remove content

(Twitter: @RealAlexJones)

WASHINGTON — InfoWars and other projects related to the conspiracy site saw their content removed from some of the net’s top platforms Monday.

Apple, Facebook and YouTube announced Monday that they were eliminating the online outlet’s accounts.

Each social media platform cited their respective terms of use and charged that InfoWars had violated them.

The move comes the week after the online streaming app Spotify removed podcasts related to InfoWars.

Alex Jones, InfoWars’ founder and the face of the organization, fired back against the decision on Twitter, claiming that it was an attack against free speech and a sign that the outlet has been successful.

Twitter has not yet removed Jones amid calls from high-profile users for it to do so. The social media site has not yet publicly weighed in.

Jones, a radio host who has been garnering attention for conspiracy theories for over 20 years, is currently in a legal fight with several families of the victims of 2012’s Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting and an FBI agent who responded to the attack.

The suits claim that Jones defamed them by propagating the notion that the tragedy was a hoax, leading to an invasion of privacy and emotional distress incurred by Jones’ followers.

Following Monday’s developments, Jones found support from some conservative groups.

Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, said the move was a slippery slope.

“Conservatives are increasingly concerned that InfoWars is not the end point for those who want to ban speech. It’s just the beginning,” Bozell said. “We are rapidly approaching a point where censorship of opposing voices is the norm. That’s dangerous.”

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