Mayors hope infrastructure will return as a top issue

Mayors hope infrastructure will return as a top issue

By Ellen Ratner   
Amtrak Co-Ceo Charles "Wick" Moorman (wearing yellow vest) assesses track conditions at New York Penn Station on May 6. The station is undergoing a huge infrastructure project. (Amtrak)

WASHINGTON— A renewed focus on infrastructure has been floated for years as an issue that could garner bipartisan support in an increasingly polarized Washington.

Despite the optimistic rhetoric, however, not much has really been done.

Mayors across the country are hoping this will change.

In a conference call Thursday held with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Fremont, California Mayor Lily Mei, and Cincinnati, Ohio Mayor John Cranley said it’s an issue that can’t wait.

Mei noted that her city, the second largest in Silicon Valley, is facing growing crises when it comes to traffic and housing.

Adding urgency, the city is also looking to grow its workforce and bolster its participation in the green vehicle sector.

Cranley argued that the economy as a whole can’t function without adequate infrastructure, suggesting that China’s dedication to maintaining theirs should give Americans pause.

Both mayors said that an injection of federal dollars is sorely needed.

Until then, the cities’ leaders said they will focus on increasing their revenue, be it through gasoline taxes or other steps.

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