Trump says Feinberg may not be needed for intelligence review

Trump says Feinberg may not be needed for intelligence review

During his campaign, President Donald Trump was highly critical of NATO. (Luke Vargas/TMN/file photo)

WASHINGTON— President Donald Trump said Thursday that his administration will likely not be calling on New York billionaire Stephen Feinberg to conduct a review on the intelligence community, countering multiple reports that he had been asked to help by the White House.

“He’s offered his services and you know, it’s something we may take advantage of,” Trump said during a press conference Thursday. “But I don’t think we’ll need that at all because of the fact that you know, I think that we are gonna be able to straighten it out very easily on its own.”

Trump said that he expected to review the country’s intelligence apparatus solely by relying on FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director Mike Pompeo and Director of National Intelligence-nominee Dan Coats once he is confirmed.

Feinberg, the co-founder and CEO of Cerberus Capital Management L.P., has no intelligence experience.

The New York Times reported Thursday that the signs of Feinberg stepping in was widely panned within the intelligence community.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that some intelligence officials did not have confidence in Trump. The paper said U.S. intelligence officials “have withheld sensitive intelligence from President Donald Trump because they are concerned it could be leaked or compromised.”

Intelligence officials have since denied those reports.

Trump has spent a good portion of his social media activity this week going after members of the intelligence community for leaking information to the press.


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