Trump embraces poll showing distrust of media

Trump embraces poll showing distrust of media

President Donald Trump announces the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change during a Rose Garden ceremony on June 1, 2017. (Courtesy: White House)

WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump touted a recent Morning Consult/POLITICO poll Wednesday night showing that 46 percent of voters believe that the media fabricates stories about him.

“It is actually much worse,” Trump tweeted.

The poll showed that 37 percent of voters do not believe the media is making stories up about Trump.

In recent weeks, Trump has accused NBC News of fabricating a story about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calling him a “moron” and another about Trump reportedly suggesting there should be a ten-fold increase in the U.S. nuclear stockpile.

In response, Trump called for media network’s broadcasting licenses to be reviewed, a suggestion that has been rejected by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

According to the poll, 51 percent of voters believe the government should not have this power while 28 percent said that it should.

The survey was conducted among 1,991 registered voters between Oct. 12 and 16. There is a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.

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