White House says Trump still eyeing age restrictions on some guns

White House says Trump still eyeing age restrictions on some guns


WASHINGTON— White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters Monday that President Donald Trump is continuing to weigh raising the age limit on some firearm purchases from 18 to 21.

“The President still has in this plan the age limit increase,” Sanders said, noting that the administration is working to determine if it can be done at the federal level or should be pursued on a state-by-state basis.

Shortly after Sanders left the podium, the White House released a fact sheet stating that a Commission on School Safety, set to be helmed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, will examine age restrictions.

The commission was announced alongside a raft of more specific policy goals, including providing federal assistance to train teachers to arm themselves, strengthening background checks and reforming the mental health system.

Sanders said Monday that the administration is prioritizing objectives that can be done immediately.

“He is making sure the things that we can do right now, we’re actually doing,” Sanders said. “Instead of holding everything back until we can get some of those other pieces done, we’re pushing forward on the things that have support, that can be accomplished immediately and then we’re working through the process to see what we can do to get the other things done.”

Sanders emphasized that Congress ultimately must play a role and that the president is unable to unilaterally enact specific policies.

As for raising age limits, Sanders said that there is “not broad-based support” for raising the age limits.

On Monday morning, Trump tweeted that the administration will monitor “court cases and rulings before acting.”

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