Tillerson out at State Department, Pompeo in

Tillerson out at State Department, Pompeo in

Rex Tillerson at Confirmation Hearing, Photo by Doug Christian
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, shown at his confirmation hearing in January, was fired by the president in March 2018 in(Doug Christian/TMN)

WASHINGTON—Rex Tillerson will be replaced at the State Department by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, President Donald Trump announced Tuesday.

“I want to thank Rex Tillerson for his service,” Trump said in a statement. “A great deal has been accomplished over the last fourteen months, and I wish him and his family well.”

Gina Haspel, the Deputy Director of the CIA, will assume Pompeo’s role at the agency.

A Senior White House official told reporters that the timing of the shake-up was intended to ensure that the administration has its new national security team in place prior to an upcoming meeting with North Korean Kim Jong Un and various trade negotiations.

Tension between the President and his Secretary of State, however, has frequently been made public.

In October of last year, Trump dressed down Tillerson on Twitter for pursuing diplomacy with North Korea.

In more recent days, Tillerson has been repeatedly out of sync with the White House.

Shortly before the White House announced that Trump accepted an offer to meet directly with Kim last week, Tillerson, who was traveling in Africa, told 60 Minutes that he wasn’t sure if the U.S. was prepared for any “face to face” conversations.

On Tuesday Tillerson told reporters that Russia was “clearly” behind poisoning an ex-Russian spy with a nerve agent in the UK, hours after White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders emphatically avoided drawing a direct line with Russia.

Tillerson has not provided a statement on his departure and one was not provided by the White House.

Steve Goldstein, the Under Secretary of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, said Tuesday that Tillerson had “every intention of staying.”

“The Secretary did not speak to the President and is unaware of the reason, but he is grateful for the opportunity to serve, and still believes strongly that public service is a noble calling,” Goldstein said in a statement released to various news outlets.

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