Trump ‘looking into’ 3-D guns amid mounting opposition

Trump ‘looking into’ 3-D guns amid mounting opposition

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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that he is “looking into” plans to release blueprints that would allow users to create untraceable plastic firearms with 3-D printers, arguing that it “doesn’t seem to make much sense.”

While Trump is expressing skepticism, the State Department reached a settlement in June with a nonprofit, Defense Distributed, that ultimately paved the way for the blueprints to be supplied online.

The blueprints had previously been blocked on the grounds that the federal government would be unable to ensure that they would in be in line with export laws.

Trump’s tweet comes as eight states and the District of Columbia are suing the Trump administration and Defense Distributed to halt the distribution on national security grounds.

Democratic lawmakers are simultaneously pursuing a legislative fix as well.

If the legal efforts fail, the nonprofit would be allowed to share the blueprints as soon as Wednesday.

On Sunday, Defense Distributed filed a lawsuit of their own to push back against opponents.

Previous blueprints shared by Defense Distributed have already been downloaded 100,000 times prior to the State Department intervening.

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch released a video last week decrying Democratic opposition to the technology, calling proposed laws “unenforceable.”

The NRA and Defense Distributed did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the president’s tweet.

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