Kudlow lauds JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon after election claims

Kudlow lauds JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon after election claims


WASHINGTON — White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow lauded Jamie Dimon as “a really smart guy” Wednesday, hours after the JPMorgan Chase CEO suggested that he could run against Donald Trump and win.

“I’m a big fan of Jamie Dimon,” Kudlow told reporters outside the West Wing. “I have no idea if he wants to run for president or not.”

“He’s been a big backer of nearly all of our policies,” Kudlow added.

During a moderated Q&A at JPMorgan Chase headquarters in New York on Wednesday, the CEO took numerous swipes at Trump.

“I think I could beat Trump,” Dimon said, according to CNBC. “I’m tougher than he is. I’m smarter than he is.”

Dimon added that he earned his wealth as opposed to Trump, who, as Dimon put it, inherited his as “a gift from daddy.”

After the comments began to make waves, Dimon quickly backtracked.

“I should not have said it,” Dimon said in a statement. “I’m not running for president.”

Trump has historically made a point of lashing out against those who criticize him, generally through Twitter.

However, the president has not yet weighed in on the initial comments or his top economic advisers’ praise for Dimon.

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