Dog torture video brings tears to many at Congressional hearing

Dog torture video brings tears to many at Congressional hearing


Many countries in Asia are slaughtering and torturing dogs for meat.

WASHINGTON (Talk Media News) – Screams of disgust and anger accompanied by tears echoed throughout the Congressional Auditorium Wednesday morning as hundreds viewed a graphic video depicting the heinous torture and murder of countless dogs slaughtered throughout parts of Asia for the canine meat trade.

“I always said if you don’t see it no one will believe you,” said Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation founder Marc Ching while struggling to fight back tears. “You’ve got to see it, because once you do, if you can walk away from that you’re not human.”

Ching is an animal rescuer who has travelled throughout China and other parts of Asia documenting atrocities committed against countless dogs as part of the canine meat trade. He had warned the audience as well as his fellow animal rescuers on the panel that the video would likely provoke significant emotional outrage.

The panel was led by Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) who introduced a bi-partisan congressional resolution in late-May that condemns the annual dog meat festival in Yulin, China and also calls on the Chinese government to outlaw the dog meat trade.

Hastings said the international dog meat trade is morally reprehensible.

“Quite plainly its an abomination,” Hastings said. “We all know about what it entails; the twisted belief that physical torture yields better tasting meat. Ten thousand dogs are rounded up every year and burned, oiled; skinned alive. Many of them are family pets stolen from homes and the abuse is sickening.”

Ching acknowledged that passing Hasting’s resolution would not necessarily convince the Chinese government to change course but said it would go a long way towards protecting a large number of dogs.

“Will dogs continue to die and still be tortured,” Ching asked. “Probably always. The whole picture is about protecting the large group of them.”

Ching told TMN that many of the governments in countries where the dog meat trade is prevalent are limited in their enforcement powers.

“The biggest challenge in these countries is that there is no governing body to regulate the dog meat industry,” Ching said.

Panelist Andrea Gung, who is an animal rescuer as well as the executive director and founder of Duo Duo Compassion Beyond Borders, said that many young people throughout Asia have actively taken part in rescuing dogs and also pointed out that most Chinese citizens are opposed to the dog meat trade.

“We are on the winning side of this battle, today 70 percent of Chinese people never eat dog,” Gung said.

Panelist Valarie Ianniello, who is the director of operations at the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, brought along her rescued dog Liberty. Liberty had had her paws removed by meat traders and is  awaiting prosthetics.

“While we don’t want to sit here and tell people what should be they eating, we want them to at least set in place some standards of how they are going to kill these animals,” Ianniello said.

(Valerie Iannello and Liberty)

London Andrews, 32, a plus-size Instagram model from Rochester NY, told TMN that she plans to use her newly found fame to speak out on behalf of animal rights.

“As you get out there more in the world and more people are noticing you, I think the best thing you can do with your voice is to speak out about the things you care about,” Andrews said. “In this case, it’s not just dogs but it’s compassion towards animals, towards people.”

TMN Intern Danielle Prokop contributed to this article 

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    1. I have been fighting this horror for a while. It never gets easier to continue to see the torture and agony these creatures go through. People, you MUST see the videos and pictures of this to fully understand the depth that this abuse goes to. These dogs and cats are NOT FOOD nor medicinal avenues. There is evidence that their meat is useless as a libido enhancer !!!!!! So, why, you ask, do they continue to slaughter these animals by the millions?? If I knew the true answer, I would tell you. The only reason I can come up with is that they are a cruel, heartless, soulless race of sub-humans that enjoy inflicting pain and agony on living beings. The people of these countries should hang their heads in shame for this insane treatment of all animals. This is the most egregious treatment of sentient beings that I have ever witnessed. This MUST STOP NOW !!!!!!!! No animal should endure this torture !!!!!! This slaughter and torture of millions of dogs and cats MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY !! The world is watching and WE WILL remember and so will God !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tess you are so right the world must see what is exactly going on cuz i have tried to explain it till i was blue in the face and unless they see it with there own eyes, most people well 96 percent of them just don’t understand the true pain and suffering these poor babies go throw. they think if they turn there heads or close there eyes it makes it not be true. I have been fighting for a long long time to get the dog and cat meat trade to end i have seen so many videos so many photos of the torture and some days i just cant look at any more pictures or watch another video, but i know if i dont, if i take just one day off from the evil what happens to them those poor babies cant take a day off they cant close there eyes they have no hope they have no where to run and hide they have no idea that myself and others are fighting for them, i am typing this with tears flowing down my face cuz seeing them, the look of totally fear and despair in there beautiful eyes makes my heart bleed for them. I dont know how else to explain it, i try and tell myself that one day they will pay for what they are doing, that for every life they take they will have to answer for but then i think, really? cuz who will they have to answer to? i mean if its God then where is he now and why is he letting this happen? I dont understand how a God that is suppose to be so good How can he let them suffer like this?

    2. Don’t just get sad and PUKE, go right now to FACEBOOK page “CITIZEN LOBBYISTS for H RES 752 to stop dog meat” and READ and WORK WORK WORK as instructed. This is a GATHERING place for a million separate groups to gather as one and WORK AS ONE on this and many things in the future. GO NOW PLEASE. H RES 752 sitting in a SUB-COMMITTEE in FOREIGN RELATIONS where it COULD DIE.

    3. Humanity has never had empathy, not for other humans and certainly not for other species. This why as long as humans have existed, so has war and torture. Maybe one day we will change and grow.

    4. A harrowing video, struggled to watch it. This must remain in the public eye for as long as it takes.
      Please follow animal hope and wellness foundation and the maomao foundation on Facebook and Twitter. Share, donate, support.

    5. Thank-you for the article and keeping us informed! Great work being done. I try also to educate people. Awareness is so crucial. So many have no idea!! Thank-you to Marc and his team…they are heroes!!! God bless them all and God bless all our furry Friends!!

    6. We need to tell people to not vivisect animals and eat them limb by limb over time.

      We need to stop them from eating dogs and cats. Dogs and cats are not food. They are too close to us in relationship. Even some dog meat consuming individuals concede that their family dogs, will not be eaten despite the poverty; ” the dogs”, they say, ” have been with our family so long; they are “half human.”

    7. Thank you Bryan Renbaum for this article! I’m so happy to see the news of The Vile Trade spreading and the TRUTH SHOWN! Thank you again!

    8. Horrifying, except that people do not “murder” animals, they kill them.
      No video is available of the horrific Torture-Murder of HUMANS by the Assad regime in Syria, just thousands of photos, also too revolting to be shown on television, so ignored.

    9. If they could show his video to the world then this would stop. You can only imagine the horrors reading about it but to actually see that footage Marc gathered as evidence is something else

      This needs to be shown on CNN and Oprah Winfrey it needs to be sent to the powerhouses all around the world

      Broke my heart and you feel so helpless. Marc Ching needs help now

    10. This is such reassuring news. Someone somewhere cares enough to speak out about these atrocities. Thank you to them all.
      However this is just the start.
      Now we must persuade China fand other countries who partake that the world abhors these practices.
      Dog eating must stop. There are enough animals already farmed for food without resorting to killing “mans best friend”.

    11. Thanks for covering this important issue. The US media is needed to help support this cause. The UK press has joined this campaign and is writing about it daily. I commend you for this article

    12. Thank you Bryan Renbaum, for covering this most important hearing. We have been trying to get the US media involved. The UK press is campaigning for this cause, as they had a debated in Parliament on Monday regarding this same issue. We have been fighting this cause with global awareness growing. We need this media coverage to help raise awareness with the American people so that they can help persuade the Government to support resolution 752. This cruelty and shocking torture will just continue if we do not continue to get the support needed. Thank you so very much. I hope you will continue to follow this story with hopes others will follow your lead.

      • yes!!!! thank you so much for reporting this!! I was there yesterday , and the videos were repugnant. thank you thank you thank you thank you.

      • Yes i watched the whole thing live to from the UK. I have been struggling to come to terms with it ever since. Any person who can perform such violent acts on an animal are not fit to walk the streets. May i also remind people it’s not just dogs, we must protect the cats too. This must be stopped now. We must boycott Chinese products, also we must remind ourselves that many other countries practice this cruelty as well eg Korea, Phillipines, Cambodia etc… It’s a big problem but we must fight back, No animal deserves this. We must hope and pray for change.

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