Suicide bomber attacks NATO convoy in Afghanistan, wounding troops and civilians

Suicide bomber attacks NATO convoy in Afghanistan, wounding troops and civilians

By Loree Lewis   
Members of the of South Dakota Army National Guard’s 1742nd Transportation Company conduct convoy operations on their way to Taron Kowt, Afghanistan during the unit’s deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. (Sgt. Matthew Nedved/U.S. Army National Guard/ file photo)

WASHINGTON – A small number of service members serving in NATO’s Resolute Support mission, along with a number of Afghan civilians, were wounded Monday when a vehicle-borne suicide bomber attacked a NATO convoy in eastern Afghanistan.

The NATO mission said in a statement that the attack occurred near the village of Qal’eh-ye Musa Bala in Parwan Province.

The NATO service members suffered non-life threatening wounds, and are being treated at the Bagram Airfield hospital, the statement said. The wounded civilians were evacuated to a local hospital and NATO could not provide their condition.

The Taliban claimed credit for the attack. In a statement, the Taliban said that the attack had killed 13 “American aggressors,” left an additional 11 wounded and destroyed three armored vehicles.

The Taliban routinely exaggerates the casualties they inflict and their battlefield gains.

The attack occurred on the 16th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks against the U.S. The attacks were met with a U.S.-led NATO invasion that toppled the Taliban government, which harbored al-Qaeda, the architects of the attacks.

Some 13,000 personnel are serving in NATO’s Resolute Support mission — training, advising and assisting Afghan forces.

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